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Pseudoglomospira devonica Bykova, 1948       

Class: Fusulinata  Subclass: Afusulinina  Order: Archaediscida  Family: Pseudoammodiscidae
Taxon Profile

found    Eastern European Plain   Russia   

Geological Time: Devonian  Upper Devonian  

the image is from a publication, which is cited in the table descriptions of the below cited book by Loeblich and Tappan

View of a specimen of Pseudoglomospira devonica Bykova, 1948

The identification is based upon:
Loeblich, A. R., Tappan, H. N., 1987: Foraminiferal genera and their classification. Van Nostrand, Reinhold Co. New York 1728 pp. Plate 214, Fig. 10


dataset number: FEU-1014086

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