Reophax  sp. 
Class: Nodosariata  Subclass: Hormosinana  Order: Hormosinida  Family: Reophacidae
found at the bottom of the area  East of Dogger Bank

F.S. Walther Herwig III cruise 458, Station 470, from 52.2 m waterdepth
   Greater North Sea   Denmark
Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent
the material is provided by Senckenberg am Meer and the image is made, by
in Höglund Plate 9 fig. 5, low chambers
The identification is based upon:
 , : Höglund, H. (1947). Foraminifera in the Gullmar Fjord and the Skagerak. Zoologiska bidrag fran Uppsala. 26: 1-328.    Plate 9, Fig. 5
dataset number: FEU-1024900
Citation: Hesemann, M., The Database (2024). Accessed at on 2024-06-14. doi: 10/dt5p