Lenticulina rotulata  (Lamarck, 1804)
Class: Nodosariata  Subclass: Nodosariana  Order: Vaginulinida  Family: Vaginulinidae
found at the bottom of the  Oslofjord Entrance

F.S. Alkor cruise 232, Station BG 1090, from 97 m waterdepth
   Greater North Sea   Norway
Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent
the material is provided by Senckenberg am Meer, and the image is made by Michael Hesemann
The identification is based upon:
 , : Lamarck [J.B.P.A. de]. (1804). Suite des mémoires sur les fossiles des environs de Paris. Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. 5: 28-36; 91-98; 179-188; 237-245; 349-367; pl. 59-62 [plates published 1806 in vol. 8].    Plate , Fig. 
dataset number: FEU-1024505
Citation: Hesemann, M., The Foraminifera.eu Database (2024). Accessed at http://www.foraminifera.eu on 2024-06-14. doi: 10/dt5p