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About the
Catalogue of Portuguese Foraminifera

Catalogue Portuguese Foraminifera

The idea for the Catalogue arose in February 2014 in a meeting of Michael Hesemann, Brian Ottway - both project - with Paulo Legoinha from the Ciências da Terra Department, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. It was presented at the IX Congresso Nacional de Geologia – 2nd Congresso de Geologia dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, Porto, 2014

Contributions are made by Lucia de Abreu (SEM-images), Sarita Camacho (SEM-images of specimens from the Guadiana River Estuary), Francisco Fatela and Joao Moreno (University of Lisbon, Faculty of Geology), Cidalina Lopes (specimens from the Azores), Brian Ottway (field work, raw material, specimens) and Michael Hesemann (web- and database-design, SEM-imaging, data entry).

The enlargement of the Catalogue is an ongoing process. Fieldwork will be finished in 2019.

Contributions and participation are welcome.
Please contact Michael Hesemann via email: michael [at]

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