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Placentammina placenta  (Grzybowski 1898)

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Metatype specimen of Placentammina placenta (Grzybowski 1898)
from Siary, Poland
housed in the Grzybowski Collection in Krakow
on a 1280*1034 screen the magnification is x125

Image is shown with permission and thanks to Michael A. Kaminski from
University College London and Grzybowski Foundation

The images are published in the
Atlas of Paleogene Cosmopolitan Deep-water Agglutinated Foraminifera
by Michael A. Kaminski, Felix M. Gradstein and collaborators, 2005 as Grzybowski Foundation Special Publication 10, 547pp.
    Placentammina placenta, Siary, Poland   

A metatype is a specimen that was identified by the original author of the species,
but is not a specimen from the type locality, i.e., it's not a holotype or paratype.