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The plummercell slide collection of
Karl-Otto Bock
photographed and stacked by Georg Wawczyniak

Karl-Otto Bock
is an outstanding hobby-micropaleontologist
and my co-worker on

He has several years of experience in sorting out
even the tiniest and inconspicuous microfossils. Many specimens shown on have been picked and placed on a SEM-stub by him.

He is specialized in the production of plummercell slides with each containing hundreds or thousands of specimen, representing most comprehensively a sample. In 2012 we will bring more of his plummercells online.
Karl Otto
Karl-Otto Bock explaining forams at the fair "Mineralien" in Hamburg
Georg Wawczyniak
does the imaging and stacking of Karl-Otto's plummercell slides. He has established a smoothly running routine.

Georg shoots several images of one field at different levels of sharpness. He stacks the images with Helicon Focus Pro. He sends me the image of each field. My job is to bring the images online with the basic idea to maneuver into single fields from a clickable image of the whole cell.


Fram Strait, Arctic, recent       Hebridian Slope, off Scotland, recent       Malia, Crete, Greece, recent
Greenland Shelf, Plummercell       Hebridian slope plummercell       Malia, Crete, Greece, Plummercell
Great Barrier Reef, Australia I       Great Barrier Reef, Australia II       Great Barrier Reef, Australia III
Great Barrier Reef, Australia I, Plummercell       Great Barrier Reef, Australia II, Plummercell       Great Barrier Reef, Australia III, Plummercell
            Weddell Sea, Antartica, recent            
            Weddell Sea, Plummercell