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Working Group Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera Catalog of Maastrichtian Foraminifera

Mission and path

we want to build a comprehensive catalog of Upper Cretaceous foraminifera. It shall be freely accessible thru the webpage.

We sample and process Upper Cretaceous rocks as a hobby out of fun. We extract the forams, photograph and identify them based on a comprehensive set of literature.
We integrate images provided by professionals. The share of images by professionals shall be 70%.

Who we are

  • Baubkus, Werner: preparing fieldtrips, sampling, processing, photographing and identification, since 2014
  • Frenzel, Peter: contribution of 600+ images and illustrations from P. Frenzel, 2000 and samples
  • Friedman, Virginia: contribution of Cenomanian specimens of the Eagle Ford Formation, Texas, USA.
  • Hesemann, Michael: concept, sampling, processing, photographing and identification, web and database, contact to professional contributors
  • Jaff, R.B.N.: contribution of images from his PhD thesis
  • Ketelsen, Dieter: preparing fieldtrips, sampling, processing, photographing and identification
  • Raveling, Stefan: providing core-samples and from construction sites, processing, photographing and identification
  • Speijer, Robert P.: contribution of images from his PhD thesis
  • Wohler, Cai-Uso, sampling, processing, photographing and identification, since 2016

  • We thank the Smithonian Institution National Museum of Natural History and the IODP, ODP and DSPD for sharing their work.


    integration of 2434 datasets, of which
    1499 are contributed and identified by scientists.
    Each consists of an image and accompanying 30 data.

    accessibilty of images and data through the
    well structured database and query

    includes 237 genera and 638 species

    key to species for benthics

    talks on Upper Cretaceous foraminifera were given
    in Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover

    A publication was made: Hesemann, M., Dieter Ketelsen, 2017: Index Foraminifera in Chalk Marl Streaks at the Brodtener Ufer (Coast of the Western Baltic Sea), Geschiebekunde aktuell 33 (4): 111-117

    Actual work and plans for 2018
    (hindered by limited resources)

    processing of samples from the field-trip to Denmark in 2017 K-PG boundary

    Imaging of forams from a well-site in the Foula Subbasin, provided by Micropress Europe

    Working on Cretaceous material from Helgoland, North Sea.