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Triticites cf. secalicus
(Say, in James, 1823)

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from Tarrant County, Texas, USA     

Pennsylvanian, Carboniferous

Close up view of the same sliced specimen of a
Triticites cf. secalicus (Say, in James, 1823)

Specimen is provided by Herb and Michael from Louisville, Kentucky

Dieter Ketelsen sliced the specimen and shot the images

Our taxonomic suggestion is based upon:
as Triticites in: H. W. Shimer and R. R. Shrock, 1963: Index Fossils of North America MIT Press
as Triticites secalicus (Say, in James, 1823) in: Loeblich, A.R., Jr., and Tappan, H., 1988, Foraminiferal genera and their classification. Van Nostrand, Reinhold Co. New York, Plate 285 Fig. 11 and Page 279
Triticites cf. secalicus, Tarrant County, Texas, USA