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Trifarina cf. earlandi

  found at the beach of  Myrland, Lofoten, Norway  in material provided by Traute+Peter     recent    Taxon Profile
Trifarina cf. earlandi, Myrland, Lofoten, Norway

Side and top view of a specimen of Trifarina cf. earlandi
Trifarina (=Uvigerina) earlandi is to my knowledge only reported from Antartica, Trifarina angulosa reported from the North Atlantic doesn't resamble this specimen

The classification is based upon: Schweizer, Magali: Evolution and molecular phylogeny of Cibicides and Uvigerina (Rotaliida, Foraminifera)in Geologica Ultraiectina No 261, 2006.
Based on genetical analysis they argue that most Trifarinas should be taxed as Uvigerinas, as in this case of Uvigerina earlandi