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Taxonomy Guide How to use

1. General Idea:
The guide wants to help you to find the images, which may fit to the ones you are looking for. With the drawings from the preselection you may narrow down your search. It is not intended to list or show all possible forms and features. They may be observed from the resulting images. I recommend to always use a textual description on genera, such as found in 2. Use 3-10 specimen
Pick out from your sample at least 3, most suitable 10 specimen of the kind you want to identify. Find out clear and undoubtful characteristics, which all specimen have in common.

3. For each criteria only one choice is possible
For each criteria only one may be chosen. I tried to set the most specific but still correct choice for the whole genus in its adult megalosphaeric appearance. 4. Start with one criteria
I recomend to start with one or two undoubtful criteria. With the images in view you may find more easily similarities to your specimens

5. Terminology
Make yourself familiar with the terminology and how it is used here. You may