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Class: Spirillinata    Subclass: Ammodiscana    Order: Ammodiscida    Family: Ammodiscidae
Ammodiscus tenuissimus Grzybowski, 1896

Reference:   /  WFD AphiaID:       
     Morphological Attributes:
Wallmaterial: agglutinated
Overall appearance: round and flat
Coiling: tubular enrolled
Chamberform: tubular
Aperture Position: terminal
Aperture Form: round oval reniform, --, --, --
Sutures: depressed, curved, --
Ornamentation: --, --, --, --

identified by scientist   
Paleogene    Oligocene    
South East Asia    Sabah

identified by scientist   
Paleogene    Paleocene    Thanetian
Mediterranean    Contessa

identified by scientist   
Cretaceous    Upper Cretaceous    
Barents Sea    Tromso Basin

identified by scientist   
Cretaceous    Upper Cretaceous    Maastrichtian
Carpathians    Hluk Okluky

identified by scientist   
Jurassic    Upper Jurassic    Tithonian
off West Australia    ODP Leg 123