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Class: Nodosariata    Subclass: Nodosariana    Order: Stilostomellida    Family: Stilostomellidae
Siphonodosaria pomuligera (Stache, 1864)
Dentalina pomuligera Stache, 1865used in: HAYW2011
Ellipsonodosaria helenae Samailova, 1947used in: HAYW2011
Ellipsonodosaria nuttalli Cushman & Jarvis, 1934used in: HAYW2011
Nodogenerina aperturata Boomgaart, 1949used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria antipoda Stache, 1864used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria globulifera Kreuzberg, 1930used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria harrisi Cole, 1927used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria kressenbergensis Guembel, 1868used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria lepidula var. angusta Koch, 1926used in: HAYW2011
Nodosaria neudorfensis Toula, 1915used in: HAYW2011

Reference: HAYW2011  /  WFD AphiaID: 710478      
     Morphological Attributes:
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Paleogene    Eocene    Priabonian
New Zealand and off    Maheno