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Class: Rotaliata    Subclass: Globigerinana    Order: Globorotaliida    Family: Globorotaliidae
Globorotalia limbata (Fornasini, 1902)
     Morphological Attributes:
Spines: non-spinose
Microstructure: finely perforate
Texture: smooth
Coiling: trochospiral
Spire: low / Umbilical depth: deep
Chamberform on the umbilical side: triangular
Keel: single keel / Lip: lip or rim / Tooth: no tooth
First occurence: 010.64 / Last occurence: 002.39

identified by scientist   
Neogene    Pliocene    Piacenzian
off Brazil    ODP Leg 154 Sites 925 to 929

identified by scientist   
off West Africa    ODP Leg 159 Sites 959 to 962

identified by scientist   
Neogene    Miocene    Tortonian
Micronesia + Philippine Basin    ODP Leg 130 Site 806