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Class: Rotaliata    Subclass: Textulariana    Order: Lituolida    Family: Ammosphaeroidinidae
Adercotryma glomerata (Brady, 1878)
Adercotryma glomeratum (Brady, 1878)used in: HAYW2011
Glomospira glomerata Hoeglund, 1947used in: HAYW2011
Haplophragmoides glomeratum (Brady, 1878)used in: HAYW2011
Lituola glomerata d'Orbigny, 1826used in: HAYW2011
Lituola glomerata Brady, 1878used in: HAYW2011

Reference: HAYW2011  /  WFD AphiaID: 113837      
     Morphological Attributes:
Overall appearance:
Aperture Position:
Aperture Form: , , ,
Sutures: , ,
Ornamentation: , , ,

identified by scientist   
Quaternary    Holocene    recent
Kerguelen and off    Challenger Station 149

identified by scientist   
Quaternary    Holocene    recent

identified by scientist   
Paleogene    Paleocene    Thanetian
Mediterranean    Contessa

identified by M. Hesemann   
Quaternary    Holocene    recent
South China and Sulu Sea    South China Sea