Triloculina tricarinata d'Orbigny, 1826
Class: Miliolata  Subclass: Miliolana  Order: Miliolida  Family: Hauerinidae
found at  Eilat
   Red Sea   Israel
Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent
the image is published in the below cited PhD-thesis of Dr.
View of a specimen of Triloculina tricarinata d'Orbigny, 1826
The identification is based upon:
 Barker, R., W., 1960: Taxonomic Notes, Brady's Foram. Pls. Challenger Report. SEPM Special Publication, Vol. 9.   Plate 3, Fig. 17
dataset number: FEU-1013561
Barker, R., W., 1960: Taxonomic Notes, Brady's Foram. Pls. Challenger Report. SEPM Special Publication, Vol. 9. Plate 3, Fig 17