Reophax calathus  Gutschick, Weiner & Young, 1961
Class: Nodosariata  Subclass: Hormosinana  Order: Hormosinida  Family: Reophacidae
found in the  Chouteau Group
from 27 localities in Missouri and Illinois
   Midwestern USA   USA
Geological Time: Carboniferous  Mississippian  Lower Mississippian
Chouteau Group Limestones
images are shown with permission of the journal micropaleontology and
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The identification is based upon:
 Conkin, James E., Conkin, Barbara M. and Canis, Wayne F., 1968: 
Mississippian Foraminifera of the United States Part 3:
The limestones of the Chouteau Group in Missouri and Illinois. 
micropaleontology Volume 14 Number 2, April 1968  Pages 133-178 Plate 4, Fig. 1-3
dataset number: FEU-1005029