Cribroelphidium poeyanum (d'Orbigny, 1826)       

Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Rotaliana  Order: Elphidiida  Family: Elphidiidae

found on beaches on North Padre Island   Gulf of Mexico   USA   North Padre Island

Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent

the specimen is found and photographed by Elisah E. Gibbs

View of a specimen of Cribroelphidium poeyanum (d'Orbigny, 1826)

The identification is based upon:
Hayward, B., W., Hollis, C., Grenfell., H., 1997: Recent Elphidiidae (Foraminiferida) of the south-west Pacific and fosssil Elphidiidae of New Zealand. New Zealand Geol. Surv. Paleontol. Bull., 72, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences monograph 166 pp. Plate 15, Fig. 10-11


dataset number: FEU-1017922

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