Class: Miliolata  Subclass: Miliolana  Order: Miliolida  Family: Hauerinidae
found near  Stade
   North European Plain   Germany
Geological Time: Neogene  Miocene  
the images are made by Cai-Uso Wohler.
the specimen is picked from borehole material by
The identification is based upon:
 , : Finlay, H. J. (1947). New Zealand Foraminifera: Key Species in Stratigraphy - No. 5. New Zealand journal of science and technology. B28: 259-292.    Plate , Fig. 
dataset number: FEU-1017523
Citation: Hesemann, M., The Database (2024). Accessed at on 2024-02-28. doi: 10/dt5p