Spiroloculina angulosa Terquem, 1878
Class: Miliolata  Subclass: Miliolana  Order: Miliolida  Family: Spiroloculinidae
found at  Lido di Avola
   Mediterranean Sea   Italy
Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent
the raw material is collected by Michaael Hesemann,
the image is made by
View of a specimen of Spiroloculina angulosa Terquem, 1878
The identification is based upon: Cimerman, F., and Langer, R., 1991: Mediterranean Foraminifera. Opera / Akademia scientarium et artium Slovenica, Classis IV: Historia naturalis: 30.   Plate 21, Fig. 10-12
dataset number: FEU-1012938