Arenobulimina preslii (Reuss, 1845)       

Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Textulariana  Order: Textulariida  Family: Ataxophragmiidae

found in the Hoever   North European Plain   Germany   

Geological Time: Cretaceous  Upper Cretaceous  Campanian

photographed by Dieter Ketelsen

View of a specimen of Arenobulimina preslii (Reuss, 1845)

The identification is based upon:
Gawor-Biedowa, E., 1992: Campanian and Maastrichtian foraminifera from the Lublin upland, Eastern Poland. in Paleontologia Polonica, 52. 3-187 185 pp. Plate 6, Fig. 11


dataset number: FEU-1011728

Hesemann, M., 2019: Arenobulimina preslii (Reuss, 1845). In: Hesemann, M. 2019 Project Database.
Accessed at on 2019-Feb-22