Globorotalia tumida  (Brady, 1877)
Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Globigerinana  Order: Globorotaliida  Family: Globorotaliidae
found in core V24-64 of cruise VM 2403 by research vessel Vema
 off Kiribati
   central North Pacific   off territorial waters
Geological Time: Quaternary  Pleistocene  
the raw material is provided by the Lamont Doherty Core Repository
and the specimen is photographed by

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The identification is based upon:
 Kennett, J. P., Srinivasan, M. S., 1983: Neogene planktonic foraminifera: A phylogenetic atlas  Publisher, Hutchinson Ross  Plate 38, Fig. 
dataset number: FEU-1010191
Citation: Hesemann, M., The Database (2023). Accessed at on 2023-12-10. doi: 10/dt5p