Glyphostomella triloculina (Cushman and Waters, 1928)       

Class: Fusulinata  Subclass: Fusulinina  Order: Fusulinida  Family: Bradyinidae

found in Lake Bridgeport   American South   USA   

Geological Time: Carboniferous  Pennsylvanian  

the raw material is provided by John Maurice

View of a specimen of Glyphostomella triloculina (Cushman and Waters, 1928)

young stage

The identification is based upon:
Cushman, J.A., 1959: Foraminifera, their classification and economic use. 4th edition Plate 5, Fig. 4-5


dataset number: FEU-1009244

Hesemann, M., The Database (2020). Accessed at on 2020-08-12. doi: 10/dt5p