Archaias angulatus (Fichtel & Moll, 1798)       5   more

Class: Miliolata  Subclass: Miliolana  Order: Soritida  Family: Peneroplidae

found from the beach Grand Cayman   Caribbean   British territories   

Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent

the image is provided by Roland Verreet

View of a specimen of Archaias angulatus (Fichtel & Moll, 1798)

Height 750µm
chambers in the periphery open due to postmortal corrosion
common state of preservation in beach sand

The identification is based upon:
Jones, Robert Wynn, 1994: The Challenger Foraminifera Oxford Univ Press 416 pp. Plate 14, Fig. 1


dataset number: FEU-1006262

Hesemann, M., The Database (2020). Accessed at on 2020-05-28. doi: 10/dt5p