Globoturborotalia obliquus (Bolli, 1957)       

Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Globigerinana  Order: Globigerinida  Family: Globigerinidae

found at Gasparillo   Caribbean   Trinidad and Tobago   

Geological Time: Neogene  Miocene  
Brasso Formation

the image is made by Dr. Georg Rosenfeldt and Michael Hesemann with support of the
Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein in Hamburg

material provided by Brent Wilson

View of a specimen of Globoturborotalia obliquus (Bolli, 1957)

The identification is based upon:
Hayashi, H., Asano, S., Yamashita, Y., Tanaka, T., and Nishi, H.,, 2011: Data report: late Neogene planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Nankai Trough, IODP Expedition 315 in Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Volume 314/315/316 Plate 2, Fig. 4a-c


dataset number: FEU-1004714

Hesemann, M., 2020: Globoturborotalia obliquus (Bolli, 1957). In: Hesemann, M. 2020 Project Database.
Accessed at on 2020-Apr-09