Recurvoides sp.        

Class: Rotaliata  Subclass: Textulariana  Order: Lituolida  Family: Ammosphaeroidinidae
Taxon Profile

found at Agulhas Ridge P767   South of South Africa   none   
from 4732m depth

Geological Time: Quaternary  Holocene  recent

Raw material provided by John Howe, SAMS

View of a specimen of Recurvoides sp.

The identification is based upon:
Charnock, M.A., and Jones, R.W., 1990: Agglutinated foraminifera from the Paleogene of the North Sea. in Hemleben, C., Kaminski, M.A., Kuhnt, W., and Scott, D.B. (Eds.), Paleoecology, Biostratigraphy, Paleoceanography and Taxonomy of Agglutinated Foraminifera. Dordrecht (Kluwer Acad. Publ.) 106 pp. Plate 17, Fig. 9


Hesemann, M., 2018: Recurvoides  . In: Hesemann, M. 2018 Project Database.
Accessed at on 2018-2-20