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Rectoprotomarssonella rugosa  (Hanzlíková 1953)

    9     more         Upper Cretaceous     Carpathian Flysch

Lateral View of the "false holotype" from Hanzlíková collection, Czech Geological Survey, Prague, of
Rectoprotomarssonella rugosa (Hanzlíková 1953)

Image is shown with permission and thanks to Michael A. Kaminski from University College London and Grzybowski Foundation

Image is taken and The classification is from: Kaminski, M.A. , Bubík, M. , Cetean, C.G. (2008): Rectoprotomarssonella n.gen., a new agglutinated foraminiferal genus from the Upper Cretaceous of the Carpathian Flysch. Micropaleontology 53, 6, 517-521.
   Rectoprotomarssonella rugosa, Carpathian Flysch