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Study foraminifera as a non-scientist
Forams are one of the most abundant life-forms, you will easily find yours in local rock or marine beaches.     scientists go here

Get a binocular or two-eyed microsope of 40x magnification for ~50 Euro and
study any fossil or recent marine sediment you get a hold of
Read the Mini-Lecture "How to sample at the beach"  
Get illustrated and easy to read Mini-Lectures for free
Mini-Articles     there is not much yet :) but I will continously add papers thru 2009
Send me your sample or specimen
and I will:
  • extract the forams if there are any :)
  • give a taxonomic suggestion with mentioning the source
  • shoot images and send them to you for your free use
  • integrate them into my webpage under you name as the provider
  • send back specimen, which represent the fauna you found
    at the moment I have a lot of unprocessed samples and will only accept samples from someone,
who is working on a project (such as a thesis, publication, lecture, work in a naturalist-club ...),
in any case contact me first at info[at]
Ask for My taxonomic help and free literature
I have studied a lot of literature and may help you to find adequate sources on your subject. Just contact me with your issues and images (low quality would be better than nothing)
Give your comment and suggest new features
Use the Guestbook so that others may share your ideas.
    Have fun, the foram-world is waiting to be explored by you. Michael