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Finding and picking the small stuff

from the bucket           cvbcbcvbcvbc          onto the plate   
The first Foraminifera

The first foram that I found in this material was a Frondicularia sp. I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful morphology of the leaf like fossil. I actually didn't even know that it was a foraminifer at that time!

After some searching on the internet I found, and e-mailed Michael. He helped me with the identification and advised me to look even closer at the material, because my barely 1 centimeter long fossil was actually quite big for a foram! After that first encounter with forams, I went through my collection and found some other forams, which I collected when I was like 13 years old. I also started finding more forams in my residue from Antwerp, and not just Frondicularia, but also other, beautiful species (including Assilina, Lenticulina, Nodosaria and Globulina gibba). At that point I knew I was in trouble - I had just found yet another group of fossils/animals that fascinated me!
Frondicularia sp.


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