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Catalog of modern
Greater North Sea Foraminifera

Catalog of Greater North Sea Foraminifera

Our goal is to publish a printed, peer-reviewed, comprehensive catalog of modern Greater North Sea Foraminifera. For the study area we follow the ICES definition of ecosystems in the North Atlantic, which is widely used in marine science and maritime policy. ICES also provides a detailed map of the Greater North Sea. It is more than 50 years since a catalogue with drawings was published. (Gabel, 1971).
Dieter Ketelsen and Michael Hesemann.
Corresponding Team Member: Michael Hesemann, Email: info@foraminifera.eu
Contributors of samples and services:
Foraminifera.eu Lab: Stefan Raveling.
Senckenberg am Meer (SAM): Team of Ingrid Kröncke, Leon Hoffman,
Usage of the VEGA3 TESCAN SEM.
Dr. Irina Polovodova Asteman from the University of Gothenburg.
Dr. Jan Steger, Department of Palaeontology, University of Vienna.
Adrian Brokenshire, avocational malacologist, UK
John Taylor, Scotland.
Step 1 objective is to image and identify at least 300 taxa. This will be achieved by collecting/acquiring samples from as many habitats as possible, by selecting and imaging appropriate specimens, and by identifying taxa based on relevant publications, and expert review for a taxon group. To date we have 210 taxa illustrated.

Step 2 objective is to identify relevant habitats and their most important taxa. This shall be based on previous studies and own investigations of the foraminiferal distribution.

Step 3 objective is to publish the results and conclusions.
This project does not receive external funding.

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