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Marginulinopsis porvaensis

  found on     Gozo, Malta    by   David    Langhian/Miocene      Taxon Profile

View of one specimen of Marginulinopsis porvaensis

SEM picture taken together with Dr. Rosenfeldt
head of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung

This specimen has been picked out by Karl-Otto from the material David provided.

The classification is based upon: CIMERMAN, Franc ,JELEN, Bogomir, SKABERNE Dragomir Late Eocene benthic foraminiferal fauna from clastic sequence of the Socka - Dobrna area and its chronostratigraphic importance (Slovenia) in GEOLOGIJA 49/1, 7-44, Ljubljana 2006
                      Marginulinopsis porvaensis, Gozo, Malta, Miocene, Langhian