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Favulina hexagona (Williamson, 1848)

Taxon Profile

found at Stade in a core drill sample from 40m-60m depth      Middle Miocene

provided by Stefan Raveling

View of one specimen of Favulina hexagona (Williamson, 1848)

The classification is based upon: Hooyberghs, H., Wouters, K., Spiegler, D., 2004: Marine Miocene deposits in the Maaseik well 49W/220 in eastern Belgium in Netherlands Journal of Geosciences/Geologie en Mijnbouw 83 Pages 39-46 Plate 1, Fig. 10,

Lagena is replaced by Favulina by notice of Prof. Bruce Hayward, New Zealand
            Favulina hexagona, Stade, Germany, Middle Miocene