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Haltern am See, Germany     51.74 N 7.23 W

found in material provided by Stefan Raveling Oldenburg (Oldenburg)

The sample is under investigation and needs to be discussed. The material is from the Haltern Formation, Campanian.
Material though has been washed in and out bringing in Santonian and Pleistocene specimens. So far such specimens have not been discovered yet.

Ammobaculites agglutinans
(d'Orbigny, 1846) 
Ammodiscus cretaceus
(Reuss, 1845) 
Ammodiscus cretaceus
Bolivinoides decoratus
(Jones 1866) 
Dentalina filiformis
(d'Orbigny, 1826) 
Ellipsodimorphina hrubieszowiensis
Gawor-Biedowa, 1992 
Eouvigerina cretae
(Ehrenberg, 1854) 
Globotruncana ventricosa
White, 1928 
Globotruncana ventricosa
White, 1928 
Globotruncana ventricosa
White, 1928 
Heterohelix striata
(Ehrenberg, 1840) 
Neoflabellina permutata
Koch, 1977 
Nodogenerina pseudoscripta
(Cushman, 1937) 
Nodosaria monile
Hagenow, ??