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Florilus boueanum (d´Orbigny, 1846)

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found in the claypit of Gram, Denmark, Miocene

provided by Mikkel Rødvig

View of one specimen of Florilus boueanum (d´Orbigny, 1846)

The classification is based upon: Hooyberghs, H., Wouters, K., Spiegler, D., 2004: Marine Miocene deposits in the Maaseik well 49W/220 in eastern Belgium in Netherlands Journal of Geosciences/Geologie en Mijnbouw 83 Pages 39-46 Plate 1, Fig. 10

Synonymous but outdated is the classification as Nonion boueanum (d´Orbigny, 1846) as in Gürs, K. Spiegler, D.: Kalkige Mikrofossilien aus dem Miozän der Bohrung Lübtheen 27/82 Seiten 135-155 in Bülow, W. von (Editor) 2000: Geologische Entwicklung Südwest-Mecklenburgs seit dem Ober-Oligozän. Schriftenreihe für Geowissenschaften 11, Plate 7.1. Fig. 19+20
            Florilus boueanum, Gram, Denmark, Miocene