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Epistominella pontoni 1    more of this species

found in Bed 19 upper part of the Choptank Formation,  Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, USA  
in material provided by Yasemin Tulu, John Nance and S. Godfrey from
Calvert Marine Museum    Serravallian, Middle Miocene    Taxon Profile

View of a corroded and recrystallized specimen

SEM picture taken together with Dr. Rosenfeldt
head of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung

The classification is based upon:
KEY FORAMINIFERA FROM UPPER OLIGOCENE TO LOWER PLEISTOCENE STRATA OF THE CENTRAL ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN, by Thomas G. Gibson in Geology and Paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina, I, editor: Clayton E. Ray, 1983, Plate 21 Fig. 7+8 and
Spatial distribution of Miocene Foraminifera at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland / Martin A. Buzas and Thomas G. Gibson in Smithsonian contributions to paleobiology ; no. 68, 1990, List of species in bed 16+18, no images
           Epistominella pontoni, Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, USA