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Elphidium excavatum excavatum
(Terquem, 1875)

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   found in surface sediments in the  Flensburg Fjord, Baltic Sea, Germany       recent   

Twisting of entire test of a specimen of Elphidium excavatum excavatum (Terquem, 1875)

Images and text with permission of I. Polovodova, University of Gothenburg Department of Earth Sciences, formerly IFM-GEOMAR from:
Irina Polovodova and Joachim Schönfeld, 2008: Foraminiferal test abnormalities in the western Baltic Sea in Journal of Foraminiferal Research, v. 38 (4), p. 318-336.

Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences
Paleoceanography Department
         Elphidium excavatum, Flensburg Fjord, Baltic Sea, Germany