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How to sample sand from the beach     

Foram-tests may be found in marine and brackish environments. Beaches are the easiest places to pick them up, though most are not visible to the human eye, due to their usual tininess of 0,05-2mm (50-2000µm). Take some small lockable bags, flasks or ..., a teaspoon, paper and pen with you.

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A sample of sand should be taken
      from the surface Forams live floating or on the ground
      with a grainsize below 2 millimeter Foram-tests are rarely bigger, but a lot of shell-debris is
      from the wet waterline
      below other stranded stuff or from puddlegrounds here sedimentation goes on as current looses power
      at a place of 10m² take 3-7 teaspoons each
             from different spots and mix them together it will garanty some randomized variety
      put the locality-note into the bag of the sample on the spot
                                          Good luck !