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H.M.S. Challenger Station 276, North of Tahiti     13.28 S, 149.30 W      recent from 2350 fathoms (=4298m) depth

H.M.S Challenger, 1858
Image from Wikipedia
Drawings from the
Report on the Foraminifera dredged by H.M.S. Challenger
during the Years 1873-1876.
by Henry B. Brady, F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., &c. 1884.
H.M.S. Challenger Station 276
Most of the collected specimens reside in the
HMS Challenger collection of the
Natural History Museum London

The scans are made by
Dr. David Bossard
and used by his permission.
© Dr. David C. Bossard,

Beella digitata
(Brady, 1879) 
Fissurina auriculata
(Brady, 1881) 
Fissurina costata
(Brady, 1881) 
Fissurina fimbriata
(Brady, 1881) 
Fissurina striolata
(Sidebottom, 1912) 
Fursenkoina complanata
(Egger, 1893) 
Globorotalia tumida
Brady, 1877 
Lagena quinquelaterata
Brady, 1881 
Lagena semilineata
Wright, 1886 
Lagena stelligera
Brady, 1881 
Lagena sulcata
(Walker and Jacob, 1798) 
Lagenammina spiculata
(Skinner, 1961) 
Melonis affinis
(Reuss, 1851) 
Oolina apiopleura
(Loeblich and Tappan, 1953) 
Oolina sidebottomi
(Earland, 1934) 
Procerolagena multilaterata
(McCulloch, 1977) 
Procerolagena multilaterata
(McCulloch, 1977) 
Procerolagena multilaterata
(McCulloch, 1977) 
Technitella legumen
Norman, 1878 
Turborotalita humilis
(Brady, 1884)