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Bulimina aculeata 3    more

  found in material provided by Herbert at Torrente Stirone, Italy   Pleistocene   Taxon Profile

View of one specimen of a broken Bulimina aculeata

SEM picture taken together with Dr. Rosenfeldt
head of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung

The classification is based upon: Documenta naturae 37, GüNTHER, Th.: Paläontologische Untersuchungen der Sedimente des Stirone (Provinz Parma, Italien), München 1987 and
Geology Collection/ benthic foraminifera/ Mediterranean / Aegean Basin / Images from a thesis by C. Fontanier (yr. 2000 SOCRATES visitor from Bordeaux).
                      Bulimina aculeata, Torrente Stirone, Italy