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Astacolus decoratus (Reuss, 1855)    3    more

found in material provided by Jan in Heiligenhafener Kieselgestein at    Luebeck/Germany   Lutetian-Ypresian/Eocene  Taxon Profile

Astacolus decoratus, Foraminifera, Luebeck, Kuecknitz, Lübeck, Kücknitz

Different views of one specimen of Astacolus decoratus (Reuss, 1855).
The classification is based upon:
Kaasschieter, Johannes Paulus Heimen, 1961: Foraminifera of the Eocene of Belgium Bruxelles
in Inst. Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 271 pp. Plate 0007, Fig. 0010