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Archaeoglobigerina cf. bosquensis Pessagno, 1967  

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Spiral view of a specimen of Archaeoglobigerina cf. bosquensis Pessagno, 1967
from Wattenscheid-Sevinghausen    found in Blue Marl     Turonian, Upper Cretaceous

The classification is based upon: Olsson, Richard K. and Usmani, Paarveen A., 1992: UPPER CRETACEOUS FORAMINIFERA IN SANTONIAN TO MAESTRICHTIAN DEPOSITIONAL SEQUENCES IN THE NEW JERSEY COASTAL PLAIN in Centenary of Japanese Micropaleontology, K. Ishizaki and T. Saito eds., p. 301-315 (the naming as Archeoglobigerina seems to be erroneous)

            Archaeoglobigerina cf. bosquensis, Wattenscheid, Germany