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Uvigerina semiornata d'Orbigny, 1826
Uvigerina semiornata kusteri n. subsp., Kuster

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found at Stade in a core drill sample from 40m-60m depth      Middle Miocene

provided by Stefan Raveling

View of one specimen of Uvigerina semiornata d'Orbigny, 1826

The classification is based upon: Gürs, K. Spiegler, D.: Kalkige Mikrofossilien aus dem Miozän der Bohrung Lübtheen 27/82 Seiten 135-155 in Bülow, W. von (Editor) 2000: Geologische Entwicklung Südwest-Mecklenburgs seit dem Ober-Oligozän. Schriftenreihe für Geowissenschaften 11, Plate 7.1. Fig. 40
A precise and detailed classification of Uvigerinidae in Northwest Germany was undertaken in Daniels, C. H. von and Spiegler, D., 1977, Uvigerinen (Foram.) im. Neogen Nordwestdeutschlands: Geologisches Jahrbuch, A 40, p. 3-59.
The classifications though outdated are quite valuable due to their detailed analysis. According to the scheme of Daniels and Spiegler 1977 I suggest to place these specimens into Uvigerina semiornata and due to the ornamentation I classify them as Uvigerina semiornata kusteri n. subsp. Kuster. The stratigrafical range is stated as from Hemmoorium to Reinbekium
redrawn from Daniels and Spiegler 1977

The drop-shaped outline may be notable only with orientation towards the broad side
            Angulogerina gracilis, Stade, Germany, Middle Miocene