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Adelosina intricata (Terquem, 1878)

found at 123m depth in the  Gulf of Taranto, Italy
during cruise P339 of RV Poseidon     recent      Taxon Profile

View of one specimen of Adelosina intricata (Terquem, 1878)

SEM picture taken together with Dr. Rosenfeldt
head of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung

The classification is based upon: F. Sgarrella and M. Moncharmont-Zei. 1993. Benthic Foraminifera of the Gulf of Naples (Italy): systematics and autoecology. Bolletino de la Societá Paleontologica Italiana. 32 (2): 145-264.
         Adelosina intricata, Gulf of Taranto, Italy, recent