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Online 16th of April 2017: 12.404 forams (3453 species), Coverage

Ammodiscus incertus
d'Orbigny, 1839
Mauretanian Shelf
Spiroloculina corrugata
Cushman and Todd, 1944)
recent, Golf of Aqaba, Egypt
image by Cai-Uso Wohler
Marginulina crebricosta
Sequenza, 1880
Quelfes, Portugal
Ammodiscus incertus Spiroloculina corrugata Marginulina crebricosta

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The fossil foraminifera of the
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Tertiary Foraminifera  Vienna Basin
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The Plummercell Slide Collection of
Karl-Otto Bock
Plummercell Slide Collection of Karl-Otto Bock
Karl-Otto Bock collects since long foraminifera as a hobby. In the course of time he has produced 150+ plummercell slides. We found a way to bring his slides online showing each single fiel with just a click.      [Check it out]
Paleozoic Foraminifera
Paleozoic Foraminifera
Thanks to Dr. James E. Conkin and Prof. Barbara M. Conkin we are now able to work on Paleozoic Foraminifera. We started with Carboniferous foraminifera. [more]
- Mikrotax - database on Planktonics
- World Foraminifera Database
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- Intro to Foraminiferology - a free PDF
- Cushman Found. for Foram. Research
- The Micropalaeontological Society
- Micropress Europe
- The Grzybowski Foundation
- Mikropal - a German amateurs club
- International School on Foraminifera